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1. What are the Tractiongrips made of?

-The standard Tractiongrips grip overlays are made of textured synthetic rubber compound with a self-adhesive backing. The material is nonabrasive, and will not damage clothing and car seats like most "sandpaper" grips out there.

2. How do I install the rubber Tractiongrips on my firearm?

-UNLOAD any firearm BEFORE installing the Tractiongrips product. Each grip model includes directions for installation, however, the process is pretty simple. Begin by cleaning the surface the grip will be applied to using a drop of dish soap and hot water on a lint-free cloth (DO NOT USE RUBBING ALCOHOL, IT DOES NOT WORK WELL). Dry thoroughly. Once the surface is clean, determine the position of the grip overlay before removing the backing. Most of the time, it's best to remove a section of the backing, and lightly position that part of the grip overlay as the rest of the backing is removed and the remaining grip is positioned. The adhesive is pressure sensitive, so minimal repostioning is essential for a good bond. When everything is lined up where it is supposed to be, press the grip overlay firmly against the surface to set it in position.  Warm the grip using a hair dryer, and continue to apply pressure to the grip overlay.  If the surface is textured, heating will allow the material to soften up and form to the surface.  A piece of foam rubber, dry kitchen sponge, or a lint-free cloth may be used to form the grip overlay into checkering or complex curves. Once the grip overlay fits like a skin, allow the adhesive to cure at room temperature over night. Some models have additional steps, but this is the basic proceedure.

3. Why do my new grips feel slippery?

-If the grip overlay feels slippery, it is likely due to mold release agents being present on the surface, or the surface texture needing to be buffed. Installing the grip and heating it up in the process usually resolves the issue, but if the grip has a glossy look after being installed, a lint-free cloth can be used to buff the shine off.  Gently rub the installed grip after the adhesive has cured over night, until the surface has a matte appearance. This will greatly improve the feel of the Tractiongrips.

4. My firearm has been refinished; can I apply Tractiongrips to it?

-Yes, in most cases Tractiongrips will work fine with firearms that have been refinished. Some finishes contain substances that make the finish self-lubricating, or leach oils. Oiled parkerized finishes can leach oils for decades, and most adhesives will not stick to that type of finish.  Some spray-on finishes are also oiled, and may not allow adhesives to stick.  Another thing to consider is surface preperation to install the grip, since some cleaning products may hard the applied finish. Always test a cleaning product (including dish soap and water) on an inconspicous area of the firearm, before using it to clean visible areas. Before purchasing Tractiongrips, it is highly recommended that a check be done to determine if the adhesive will stick to the surface. This can be done by cleaning the surface with a drop of dish soap and hot water on a lint-free cloth, or by using 91% or stronger Isopropyl Alcohol, and thoroughly drying the surface before using clear cellophane (Scotch type) tape to see if it sticks. If the tape does not stick to the surface, chances are, Tractiongrips will not stick either.  If the tape sticks to the surface, it should be a good indicator Tractiongrips will work fine.

5. How long does it take to ship out orders? (regular black or gray rubber grips)

-We ship items via USPS Monday through Friday. The mail carrier usually picks up our packages between 11am and noon (Eastern Time). We attempt to get orders received before pickup mailed out that day. If the order comes in after pickup, it will usually go out the following day.  We are often stuck in the shop until long after the Post Office closes, so there is no opportunity to drop off packages later in the day. If an order comes in before 4pm on Friday, it will normally be mailed out on Saturday, since we can put it in the outgoing box for pickup on Saturday. Orders received after around 4pm on Friday will usually be mailed out on Monday. We are at the mercy of the USPS, so although we get packages mailed out quickly, we cannot guarantee delivery times, since things are out of our control once they leave here. Typically, delivery times range from 2-5 business days. The Post Office doesn't guarantee delivery times, so please be patient when dealing with the USPS. Another thing to consider is we are a small business, and our shop closes for a long weekend or vacation period once in a while.  If we're going to be closed, there will be a message on the main page of the website, with a return date posted. it doesn't happen very often, but we do like to get out of the shop once in a while.

6. How long does it take to ship out orders? (custom made items and some accessories)

-Custom made items are made to order and usually do not ship out as quickly as standard items we can pull from inventory.  We estimate a lead time of one week for custom made grips. Some custom made items may go out the same day as the order is received, especially if it is something we make a lot of and have grip blanks on hand for. Most of the time we can get started on a custom order within one business day of receiving the order, and have the blank made and grip cut out within three days of receiving the order. Sometimes things take longer, especially if we're working on a large number of custom made grips, or if weather conditions are slowing down curing times for the materials we use to make them. Grips made with customer provided images, or artwork we have to seek out or design in-house may take longer to make. We make custom orders in the order they are received. If there's a rush to get something done, please ask about the lead time BEFORE ordering.  Also... please confirm we can actually make a specific grip for the model you need it for.  We cannot make all f our grips with all of the materials we offer. There are certain combinations that just won't work.

7. I have a firearm that is not listed on your website.  Can you make grips for it?

-We have to get our hands on an item to design grips. If it is something we get frequent requests for, we try to obtain the item for design purposes. If you are a local customer, an appointment can be made to bring the item by, to custom make, or design a grip for production. If it's something we're likely to use to make grip for others, we've been known to design and install the grips at no charge, and even throw in some freebies. Since we are an FFL holder, we can also receive firearms to design a grip, although we do so with hesitation since it can be a hassle to ship firearms. If a non-firearm is involved, it makes it much easier to design a grip.

8. I bought a grip from (insert a company name here) and want one like it.  Can I send you the grip (or tracing, etc.) and have you make one?

-Absolutely Not! We respect the rights of other businesses, and will not use (a.k.a. steal) another's design to make a something.  We design all of our products in-house, and enforce design rights on everythign we make. We are strongly opposed to people stealing the designs of others, and it sickens us to see it done to us or anyone else.  The problem used to be limited to foreign made copies, but lately, Americans have been using inexpensive technology to steal product designs, and sell them as their own. We enjoy competition, and love to see innovation, but if forced to, we will litigate to resolve conflicts, and would expect anyone else to do the same.

9. I do not live in the USA. Can I purchase Tractiongrips? -We ship to most countries, but due to scams and nonreceipt claims, we require tracking to many countries, and just can't ship to others. To check on shipping rates, you can add an item to the shopping cart, and check to see which shipping options are available. We try to keep shipping costs as low as possible, but tracking packages outsire the USA can be expensive. Please understand your import restrictions before ordering.  Duties or import restrictions may apply, and we don't have time to research each one before shipping.  We are not responsible for items seized, or for duties imposed on buyers by customs. -Wholesale buyers: We no longer export wholesale orders. If you wish to purchase wholesale quantities, we must ship to your agent here in the USA.