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by Tractiongrips©

Don't drop your pick... Get a Grip on it!


PickGrips© were designed to give guitar pickers a better grip on their guitar picks.  They were designed with help from guitar players, who demanded that they meet certain requirements.  The grips were designed to add a texture to guitar picks to make them easier to hold without dropping them.  They also had to have absolutely no negative effect on the action of the pick, and had to be designed to make no contact with the strings of the guitar.  Having no contact with the  strings eliminates the risk of damaging the strings or effecting the sound produced by the instrument.  The grips peel & stick and attach to your favorite picks like a sticker.  Since they are used with your favorite picks, they won't create a different feel when playing.

The PickGrips© are offered in sample packs that include a black grit type grip, a gray textured rubber grip, and a black rubber grip.  They are also available as a ten pack of grips in your choice of material.   Just specify which material you would like at checkout and they will be packaged accordingly.