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Tractiongrips© were developed for the law enforcement community by a law enforcement officer.  The goal was to improve weapon retention and control of the Glock pistol in any situation.  Although light weight and easy to control under normal conditions, polymer frame weapons are prone to become slippery when shooting in adverse conditions.  Wet grips, or gloved hands can become a threat to weapon control and retention. Tractiongrips©  solve the problem inexpensively, without permanently modifying the weapon.  Tractiongrips© also benefit the shooter in retaining proper grip position while firing , especially when multiple shots are required.

Tractiongrips© grips sets are custom designed to fit each pistol model and do not require any trimming or fitting.  They are also available as a Universal grips set that can be trimmed to fit just about anything.  Installation is as simple as peeling the backing material away from the grips, and sticking them onto the weapon like a sticker.  The grips are pre-cut from sheets of your choice of high quality Textured Rubber Material or the original 3M grit type material.   The Textured Rubber Material is avaiable in Black or Gray colors.  The Textured Rubber Material has a slightly rough and tacky feel that provides excellent weapon retention properties while not feeling abrasive or causing wear to clothing or uniforms.  The Grit Type Material has a feel more like sand paper to provide a more aggressive grip on the weapon.  The grit material is a 3M product and won't shed the grit like some other brands of grips that are often made from paper backed skateboard tape that sheds quickly.  The Grit Type Material has a black lacquer finish that matches black polymer pistol frames very well and blends with the look of the weapon, and they can be painted for unique effects, or to match weapons with colored frames.  The Textured Rubber Material grips have been updated to a second generation product that is comfortable on bare skin, and also thinner than the earlier rubber material.  I've had a lot of great feedback on the new Textured Rubber Material and I'm sure that which ever material you choose, you will be happy with your choice of Tractiongrips© for your favorite pistol.

A customer's Springfield XD with Tractiongrips installed

Our business began with selling grips sets to local police officers, deputy sheriffs, and tactical operators.  Demand for the grips quickly grew and the products were eventually added to Ebay, Gunbroker.com, and other online auction sites.  They are currently being sold on dozens of web sites, gun shops throughout the US, and at other venues including gun shows and flea markets.  We are glad to offer Law Enforcement discounts to both individual officers and agancies, and we also provide discounts to wholesale buyers.  Those wishing to sell the grips at the retail level can contact me directly to learn more about opportunities available.  Because some of my wholesale buyers depend on local markets to sell my products, I limit some sales to protect their interests.  Recently we've added a few conveinence items, such as AR-15 Magazines, to allow our customers to buy some other items while shopping the site. 

Resale terms may vary and are subject to my discretion.