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Custom Printed Grip Overlays, made to order
Lead time is approximately 2-5 business days.

We're now taking on custom printed grip overlays, using some standard designs we'll have blanks pre-made for, or using customer provided images. We can also add features like background graphics with images or text. The grips are printed on a specialty fabric with a very thin rubbery coating.  The overlays are fairly smooth, and don't add a lot of additional grip, but the final product can add a great custom look to your fiream. 

Please email prior to ordering, to confirm we can make custom grips for your particular model. We have a few avilable in the drop-down menu, but we can also work with customers to create a truely custom grip overlay. The versions available in the drop-down menu usually ship within two business days, but could take up to five business days to ship out. Custom made designs can take longer, due to custom layout design, and going back and forth with preview images to confirm the layout and artwork.

*Please note: some custom made grips may include different pieces, or have pieces omitted, as needed to allow the material to work with the grip design. Some differences may include deleting a logo window, or omitting a trigger guard strip or back strap piece. Not all custom materials allow fo all of the features possibly included in a particular design. 

Our price $16.00