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  Welcome to our site!   Our Online Store is open 24/7
Tractiongrips© are made in the USA, by proud Americans,
right here in Georgia!
We are a licensed firearms dealer (FFL), so we are able to receive & ship firearms.
We would love to serve your firearms needs locally in northeast Georgia.
Dealers are welcome to contact us in regards to our wholesale pricing and terms.  
Tractiongrips are a great product to add to store shelves, or to sell at gun shows. 
Check out our new limited edition Suede grip sets.  
They offer the highest level of comfort for concealed carry, while providing excellent grip,
especially in wet conditions.  
They look amazing, and come in several colors too! 

We will be closed from Fridy April 3rd, through April 6th, as we celebrate
the resurection of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.
Happy Easter to all! 
***By popular request, we have also added Tractiongrips decals to our store.*** 

Perforated Lambskin leather
in Limited Edition category in Store

Check out our new shirts!
Please visit out Store!

Navy Blue Suede Tractiongrips
Blue Suede Tractiongrips
in Limited Edition category in Store

Earth colored Suede Tractiongrips
in Limited Edition category in Store

Tractiongrips© is proud to offer an extended line of custom grip products designed to improve weapon retention, even under harsh shooting conditions. 

We only use the finest materials, which are tested and proven to perform extremely well.  Our textured rubber grips are thinner than other brands, and will not effect how the weapon fits in your hand. 

The textured rubber material is far more comfortable against bare skin than other brands of grips, but adds a lot of "traction" to keep the weapon in place while being handled. 

Our mineral grit grips sets are made from high quality 3M brand material that offers an extreme amount of traction, but won't shed grit and wear out like other grit type grips on the market that are commonly made of sandpaper or skateboard tape, and leave your hands covered in sand. 

New, and now in stock!... Tractiongrips©  for Beretta Pico and Kahr CT380 Pistols!  
The new designs, along with the other Gen4 grip sets we offer are a wrap-around style
that covers the front and both sides of the grip.  
Check them out in the store area under the Glock tab.

Glock 41 Gen4 with wrap-around Tractiongrips

Three Standard Material Choices
1) Gray Textured Rubber 2) Black Textured Rubber 3) Grit Type Material

a set of Tractiongrips© shown with packaging

News and Site Updates:

Tractiongrips ...because they work!

Anybody who's ever complained about having a slippery gun can no longer use the excuse that their gun is slippery.  Just stick on a set of Tractiongrips© and get a grip on it!  The grips are also a great product for folks who may have to do some shooting while wearing gloves.  Spring time is usually known as the rainy season, so now is a great time to improve the grip on your favorite pistols.